Abby Presents Research at Plenary Session of Symposium

Abby Visty presenting (2)

When she was first invited to present her research in a plenary session at the California McNair Symposium, Abby Visty says she felt “shocked and honored.” The idea of presenting to such a large group seemed “intimidating,” but Abby was up to the challenge.

Says Visty, “We learned a lot on how to present during the Summer Research Experience, but I’d only practiced in front of small groups.” With the help of her graduate student mentor, Amy Lehman, and Dr. Rick Lombardo, she was able to adapt her presentation for a much larger audience.

As she approached the podium and looked out at 200 conference participants, Abby said she felt confident that she was well-prepared to deliver a successful presentation. “In fact,” she explained, “I was surprised at how calm I felt. I just focused on my material and on communicating, as Dr. Lombardo told us, ‘to inform rather than impress’.”

She also had prepared for audience questions and was able to field them with poise. “A number of people approached me after the session to give me feedback and talk more about the research. It was a very proud moment for me.”

Way to go Abby! We’re proud of you too!

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