Martin Diaz, Summer 2008 Internship at Stanford

Martin Diaz, UNL McNair Master Scholar, spent 8 weeks in Summer 2008 at Menlo Park, California as a research intern as part of the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship Program at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC). He was 1 of only 24 undergraduates to be accepted for this internship opportunity.

In a typical day at SLAC, Martin would take a campus shuttle in the mornings. Once in the lab, he would start working on his project, which was “a part of the SNAP (SuperNova Acceleration Probe) project and consisted of taking noise measurements for the SIDECAR ASIC chip that will be used in the probe.” During evenings and weekends, Martin and his peers would attend program activities, such as volleyball or Ultimate Frisbee, or walk to downtown Palo Alto.

Since returning to UNL, he said, “I have taken more interest in the physics of the universe, as my project was part of a much larger project involved in exploring the Dark matter and Dark energy of the universe.” Because of this intense research experience, he has become more aware of the work involved in other major international projects, such as “when the Large Hadron Collider went online a few weeks ago at CERN in Switzerland.”

Way to go, Martin!

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