McNair Summer Research Begins


The 2009 McNair Senior Scholars have begun their 10 week “Summer Research Experience (also known as MSRE). Scholars have been busy learning about the typical structure of research papers in their respective disciplines, and have begun outlining their research projects which they will ultimately present at the California McNair Scholars Symposium at UC Berkeley in August.


Scholars Michael Harpster, Jeanette Samuels, Brian Shreck, and Morgan Conley attend the session, "Fundamentals of Research Writing"

Scholar Morgan Conley has gotten into the swing of things noting that her faculty mentor already has her working on background reading for her upcoming research. Like others in her cohort, Morgan says that in the coming weeks, she’ll be using her spare time to study for the upcoming GRE exam.

The McNair cohort has been busy attending sessions on preparing for the GRE (Graduate Record Examination), taking practice GRE exams, and attending workshops designed to help outline and write the introduction, literature review, and theory portions of their papers. Students have been extremely busy! As Sherri Sklenar described her first week, “when it was over, I couldn’t believe it!  It was a blur!”

Great work McNair Scholars on all of your hard work in the first week. Keep it up!

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