McNair Summer Research Week 3 Underway

Scholars Mike Gubbels and Sherri Skelenar work together to peer review one another's work

Scholars Mike Gubbels and Sherri Skelenar work together to peer review one another’s work

Week three marks the point where McNair scholars are officially 1/3 of the way through their summer research experience. This week, students have been busy writing drafts of their Introductions, Literature Review, and Theory sections of their research papers. As they’ve begun to write their Introductions and Background portions of their papers, scholars have also had the opportunity to peer review the work of others in their cohort.

Michael working with his texts in Love Library

Michael working with his texts in Love Library

Some McNair Scholars have been getting hands-on and independent research experience at the same time. Michael Harpster, an English major, has been benefiting from the work and solid research plans that he already had in place before the summer research experience started. Although Michael’s faculty mentor has been out of town, Michael has been doing extensive background reading under the direction of his mentor, and then independently employing theories and methods from the articles he has been reading to his own research. This skill is a perfect example of what scholars learn to do during the summer research experience. The ability to work independently while actively communicating with his research mentor via email has led Michael to already begin to draft his research paper. Great work Michael!

Another scholar who has been hard at work these past few weeks is Geology Major Drew Nelson. Drew has been conducting research in the field in New Mexico and Wyoming. Though consistently putting in 12 hour days while gone, Drew is looking forward to returning to Nebraska to continue his summer research project.  Clearly, McNair scholars are some of the hardest working students around!

As we approach the halfway point of the summer research experience, McNair scholars will no doubt start feeling the crunch of looming deadlines,  professor’s expectations, and research projects needing to be finished. Don’t be discouraged, Berekely is just around the corner and all of your hard work will pay off! Keep up the good work!

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