MSRE Week Four Ends

With week four nearing its end, scholars continue to work hard on their projects.   As scholars continue to collect data, analyze, draft, and re-draft sections of their reports,  the focus of sessions this week has been on preparing for graduate school applications.  Monday marked the last of the scholar’s GRE Practice sessions, with the final post-assessment just around the corner.  During these sessions, the scholars came in and took practice tests of the section or sections of their choice.  These sessions allowed scholars to set aside 2 hours of their week to commit to practicing for the upcoming graduate school entrance requirement.

Scholars commented that taking practice tests throughout this last month has “probably been the most helpful” when studying for the GRE.  Some scholars also mentioned that they noticed a clear improvement between practice session 1 and practice session 2.  They attribute this improvement to using their Kaplan books, McNair GRE Practice Packets, and Word Lists between sessions.  While McNair provides a variety of resources for GRE studying, the scholars mentioned that “success ultimately depends on how well you study”.

Aside from practicing for the GRE, this week the scholars learned all about writing professional statements and constructing a curriculum vitae for graduate school application purposes.  While these materials are often short and concise, they are two very important documents that are considered in graduate applications.  Scholars mentioned that learning the format of these documents, the “dos & don’ts” of putting them together, and what should or should not be included were among the most helpful pieces of information given at Wednesday’s session.

Great job this week scholars!

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