Top 5 Reasons to Become a McNair Scholar

1. Conduct Research With a Top UNL Faculty Mentor

“It was well worth it, because in the end, you had that feeling of accomplishment.” – Willie Novotny

As a McNair Scholar, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with UNL faculty to build your research skills and learn how academic research is completed. You’ll learn a great deal, all while working extremely hard to achieve your goals.

2. Become Part of a Close-Knit Academic Community


“Once you start being a part of a research community, you can actually see yourself doing that.” – Emily Trotter

During the McNair Summer Research Experience, you’ll develop lasting relationships with your fellow McNair Scholars as you complete a research project and improve your writing and presentation skills, all while growing together as part of the McNair community.


3. Present Original Research at a National Conference





“You join scholars from across the country who have similar interests in research and academics,” Mo Wax


McNair Scholars not only conduct independent research with top faculty members, they also present their work at the annual UC Berkeley McNair Scholars Symposium.


4.  Prepare for Graduate Application Process


As a McNair Scholar, you’ll receive individualized attention and assistance on how to prepare for graduate school.

The McNair Program de-mystified graduate school and made each one of us dazzling enough to beat other students as we competed against one another to get into grad school.”– Tony Kelly


5.  Prepare for the Transition to Graduate School

“We have the passion and the drive, but we don’t have the information, so the McNair program prepares students (for graduate school). They are basically setting you up for success in graduate school.” – Juan Cangas

The McNair program offers seminars to assist students in the transition smoothly from an undergraduate program to graduate school.

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