Moving right along….MSRE week 3!

Unbelievably, this is already the third week of the 2010 McNair Summer Research Experience! Scholars have been hard at work and attended seminars focusing on competitive graduate fellowships, learned about the fundamentals of strong research writing and structure, and putting this new knowledge to use, this week McNair Scholars completed an outline, introduction, and literature review draft for their final research paper.

Two Scholars took a few moments away from their busy research schedules to give us some insight on how MSRE is going for them so far. Below, Michelle Haikalis and Katie Haferbier share with us what they’ve been up to these past three weeks, and what they’ll be working on in the weeks to come.

UNL McNair: How has MSRE been for you so far?

Michelle Haikalis at work

Michelle: So far MSRE has been pretty intense but really enjoyable. Having a community of scholars going through the same experience with you makes it a lot easier to manage and it’s pretty exciting to hear about what everyone is researching.

Katie: MSRE has been great! I didn’t realize how much I would learn by working in a lab.

UNL McNair: What do you feel you’ve learned about the research process so far?

Michelle: One of the most helpful concepts MSRE has taught me is that research is a process that needs to be attacked methodically. Taking time to make outlines, proofread, and revise often has made a task that seemed incredibly intimidating turn into something I know I can handle.

UNL McNair: What are your research plans for the upcoming weeks?

Katie in the lab

Katie: These next couple of weeks I will be focusing on redoing uptake experiments using exogenous bHA and varying the time points.

Michelle: In the next few weeks I will be focusing on refining my introduction, writing my methods, and entering and analyzing the data for my results. I will also be taking some time to study for the GRE.

Keep up your dedication and hard work, Michelle and Katie! It will definitely pay off later this summer!

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