Home for the Holidays

Scholarly work and research teach you to think differently, and you may find that you approach even daily tasks differently. Because of the transformation, you experience as scholar changes you, the familial relationships you’ve established over the past 20 years may have changed, too.

The relationships you have with your family and friends don’t need to be strained, though. When you are at home, think about ways that you can show your family that you are still you:

  • If there are activities you used to do with a parent or sibling, make sure to schedule a time to do those activities, like shopping or playing soccer.
  • Talk about your work in layman’s terms, but don’t speak down to the person you are talking to. Avoid jargon, which can make it look like you are trying to talk over others’ heads.
  • Be sure to help where you can. While you are tired from studying hard, lend a hand in preparing food, cleaning up, and shoveling snow.

Read more about students like yourself or about academics who head home for the holidays.

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